Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Waterlily cuff  
Inspiration : Famous painting from Monet "Water lily pond"
Design : Selecting combination of the colors and tones in 3 shades
Color :  If you like red tone, it can go with yellow, orange, and red. In this case, I used blue tone, blue, green, and purple because my rubber background is white. I used white background as it represents clear water. 

Material : Brass, White Rubber, Brass tube 1/18 mm., Washer, Plastic color, and Rubber glue.
Material Info :  For the metal, I used Brass because, it is very strong and does not bend easily. Brass sheet for making cuff should be more than 18 gauge thickness.
Technique: Riveting, Annealing, and Hammering.  

How to make it :

  1. Measuring your wrist size, the standard size is 6.5 -7.5 inches depending on your wrist. Mine is 6.5 inches and I cut brass 18 gauge with the Jewelry saw by using saw blade no. 3/0. and file the shape on the edge.
  2. Annealing brass until it turn Cherry red and do not quench in the water, please wait until it cools down and then reform it on the divide by hammering slightly to reform to the shape that you want on your wrist. In case the shape does not come out good, you can anneal (do not quench) the brass again and reshape it. The reason for annealing it again is you want to recrystallize the metal to be make it easier to work with. Every time you hammer brass, you are hardening the metal.
  3. Preparing the white rubber by cutting in the same shape follow by cuff. 
  4. Gluing white rubber on brass (white color easily get dirty please work in the clean area no dust) and started to cut the plastic color to be water lily shape. Green can be a leaf and blue and purple and be flower depend on your design. 
  5. Laying down the plastic color follow by the pattern like waterlily on the pond and punch a small hole in the center of the plastic.  
  6. Annealing brass tube in order to easy to work with and cutting brass tube by measuring from the top of the washer have extra length around 1.-1.5mm. and underneath of the cuff 1-1.5 mm. for doing riveting.
  7. Drill the holes with the drill bit 1mm. and try to insert the brass tube to tight fit.
  8. The last process is laying the plastic color and insert the brass tubes and washer on the top of the flower one by one and gentle hammer the extra brass 1.mm. on the top and bottom to hold flower plastic color and continue doing it until finish all leaves and flowers.


Credit and Thank you for my teacher  : Karen Bachmann from Fashion Institute of Technology 
Class  : Alternative Material.
I wish everyone enjoy my cuff and get some inspiration from the painting.
If you have any question about the technique, Please contact me honeysuteera@yahoo.com

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Picture on November 11,2010 at  Fashion Institute of Technology

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